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in mostly alphabetical order. These are generally linked to the pedigree or information page where the picture appears. The pictures on this page are of Longplain Suntar and his yellow sister Longplain Moonrust.

Longplain Suntar FC-AFC Dusty's Dingo Duke
Glenhead Jimmy
CH-AFC Jason of the Golden Fleece II
FC Keno Ten Spot
Longplain Alecto
Longplain Amarillo Hunter
  1999 hunting season
  2000 hunting season
  2001 hunting season
  2002 hunting season
  2003 hunting season
Longplain Bellerophon
Longplain Cavus
Longplain Chimera in Argent
Longplain Corvus
Longplain Devecta
Longplain Double Barrel
Longplain Double Hutch
Longplain Erra
Longplain Event Horizon
Longplain Faro
Longplain Favonia
Longplain Fifth Ace
Longplain First Light
Longplain Golden Bubbles
Longplain Green Magic
Longplain Gryphon In Brass
Longplain Hazel Gertrude
Longplain Hyperion
Longplain Irrelevant WC
Longplain Kanake
Longplain Karoly
Longplain Korone
Longplain Kouzlo
Longplain Last Watch
Longplain Mirage
Longplain Moonrust (sister to Longplain Suntar) -- on this page!
Longplain Nimrod
Longplain Nocturne
Longplain Over and Under
Longplain Parallax
Longplain Pegasus
Longplain Peppered with Shot
  2002 hunting season
  2003 hunting season
Longplain Peter Fopperly
Longplain Suntar Longplain Radar Sweep
Longplain Remi
  2000 hunting season
  2001 hunting season
  2002 hunting season
  2003 hunting season
Longplain Rowdy Bunch CD
Longplain Saltus
Longplain Sea Raider
Longplain Second Sight
Longplain Sidewinder
Longplain Sinapi
Longplain Smoke Ball
Longplain Solis Orta
Longplain Solista and her littermates
Longplain Starboard Wine
Longplain Stars In My Pocket JH
Longplain Stormlight
Longplain Stormwrack

Longplain Sunfire
Longplain Sunstorm
Longplain Suntar head profileLongplain Moonrust (sister to Suntar)
  front face view -- on this page!
  stacked view -- on this page!
Longplain Telesis
Longplain Tiger Bright
  his son Longplain Peter Fopperly
Longplain's Tushai of Range
Longplain Ventura
Longplain Vortex
Longplain Zabka
Longplain Zipgun
Longplain Z-Sting
  stacked shot
  head shot
  silly happy picture
FC Mueller's Stormy Canada
FC-AFC Rascal's Double Trouble
Suffolk Barney At Sandbar WC JH
Texas Ranger Sage

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