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Longplain Amarillo Hunter -- "Ammo"
(Longplain Z-Sting ex Longplain Second Sight)
2000-2001 hunting season

Longplain Amarillo Hunter
Joe, Ammo, and some buddies after a successful pheasant hunt in North Dakota

Joe Allegretti (of Northridge CA) writes of Ammo's second hunting season:

Ammo continued to excel in the field this year. We started out on doves for the first time and he did a great job finding and retrieving them; unfortunately, it was my worst dove season in over 20 years. We then moved into quail season-- again another poor one. Fortunately, pheasant season was better.

We made our annual trip to North Dakota, where 10 hunters bagged 90 pheasant in 3 days. Ammo did extremely well here, flushing around 50 birds and retrieving about 25. On one occasion, he retrieved a pheasant my father had shot about 60 yards to my right. While he was doing this, I dropped a bird about 45 yards to my left. My bird hit the ground running. Seeing this, with one pheasant already in his mouth, Ammo chased down and caught the second pheasant, holding it down with his paws until one of the other hunterLongplain Amarillo Hunters in our group could get it. He flushed and retrieved numerous birds on a junior pheasant hunt, catching one on the ground (planted pheasants being what they are). A trip to the Antelope Valley Sportsman's Club with my 11 year old daughter (right) and her 74 year old grandfather resulted in four pheasant and two chukar in the bag.

Over Thanksgiving in northwestern Nevada, Ammo plunged into an icy slough in very cold weather to retrieve three downed mallards. I was hoping he would get an opportunity on retrieving some big Canadas, but they weren't flying that day. A trip to Kern Refuge produced three teal, all retrieved by Ammo.

More importantly, Ammo has become a true member of the family. He accompanied us on family trips to Lake Tahoe and southern Utah. He sleeps in my room and on my children's beds. He barks at the pool man and gardeners. And, as he has done since he was a puppy, craves affection continuously. I think my wife loves him more than I do. He is simply a great dog.

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