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Longplain Amarillo Hunter -- "Ammo"
(Longplain Z-Sting ex Longplain Second Sight)
Longplain Remi -- "Remi"
(Longplain Z-Sting ex Longplain Stormlight)
2001-2002 hunting season

Joe Allegretti writes: Ammo completed his third hunting season in grand fashion. The season began in Westmorland with opening day of dove season. Ammo retrieved 29 dove out of a possible 31, including Adrianna's (my 12 year old daughter) first dove, which happened to be a whitewing.

Adrianna, Ammo, and dove
Joe, Adrianna, and Ammo with doves My father, sister, and daughter all simply sat on their stools while Ammo retrieved our birds. Ammo actually retrieved all of the birds he possibly could as one fell into an impenetrable thicket and I caught the other one as it fell to earth. A couple of months later, after locating a nice winter dove population near Neenach, Ammo continued his expertise of retrieving doves for me and my daughter.

Ammo, Remi, and hunting group in North Dakota
Ammo (left) and Remi (center)

Quail season came with a whimper and never materialized. Thank goodness for our annual trip to North Dakota. Ammo was excellent, working close, flushing loads of pheasants and retrieving numerous wild ringnecks for both myself and other members of our party. Our group consisted of 14 hunters (plus Longplain Remi) and we were able to limit all three days of hunting. After three and a half days of hunting and a 24 hour drive home, Ammo slept for three days straight. Two weeks later we found ourselves hunting planted pheasants on a Gamebird Heritage Hunt sponsored by the Santa Clarita Quail Unlimited chapter. Ammo and Remi worked well together as Richard (Remi's owner), Rich's son, Jon, Adrianna, and I bagged all eight planted roosters; Ammo actually bagged five of them as the birds refused to fly.

Ammo and geese Over Christmas vacation, on a trip to Nevada, Ammo was able to follow in Sting's footsteps as he retrieved his first two Canada geese. Both geese were still alive as Ammo approached them. Ammo had little trouble retrieving the large birds, bringing both birds to hand (as he always does).

Ammo continues to be a great hunter and a fantastic family pet. Longplain dogs are simply the best.

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