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If you have a Longplain-bred dog that's working in the field, tell me about it and I'll add your dog to this section!!

Longplain Peppered with Shot -- "Pepper"
(Longplain Z-Sting ex Longplain Kanake)
Longplain Astronus -- "Cody"
(Longplain Double Hutch ex U-CH Longplain Solis Orta)
Longplain Boone and Crockett -- "Boone"
(GRCH Longplain Vortex ex Longplain Event Horizon)
2006-2007 hunting season

Joe Allegretti writes: It was a difficult spring having lost Longplain Amarillo Hunter ("Ammo"), who was, in my humble opinion, one of the best all-around dogs I have ever seen. Three months later, we brought home Longplain Boone and Crockett ("Boone"). We chose Boone because his dam, Vennie, is Ammo’s full sister; Boone even looks like Ammo. Boone is a litter brother to Destry and Single.

At 12 weeks old, Boone was leaping into the pool to retrieve the bumper. He absolutely loves to retrieve and can’t get enough of the water. He’s constantly carrying something in his mouth, and, for some reason, loves to come up behind you and stand between your legs. Boone’s hunting season would wait until after Christmas.

Hunting season began with a very successful dove opener. We had 17 hunters bag nearly 500 birds on Opening Weekend. The mornings were mild and Pepper did a great job retrieving. Cody joined us on days two and three, retrieving limits of dove for his shooter, Steve. By the way, if you’ve never hunted with a Mojo Dove, I strongly recommend doing so.

Our annual trip to the Cannonball Company in North Dakota was as successful as ever. Pepper had her work cut out for her as she was the only dog we had this year, but she was up to the challenge, flushing and retrieving dozens of pheasants.

Our goose trip to Nevada was a bust, with record low temperatures.
My son did manage to bag a mallard hen,
which Pepper retrieved from the icy, mostly frozen, slough.

Over the Christmas break, we took a couple of successful quail hunts, not far from the Longplain Kennels. I brought Boone along on these trips. As I figured, at first he stayed very close to my side, but after a while he would venture out in search of birds.

He was able to retrieve several quail out of thick cover, and found my son’s first ever quail. Not bad for an eight month old pup.

Boone will be leaving us soon for formal training. I expect him to be a great hunter, in the image of his uncle, Ammo.

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