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If you have a Longplain-bred dog that's working in the field, tell me about it and I'll add your dog to this section!!
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Longplain Amarillo Hunter -- "Ammo"
(Longplain Z-Sting ex Longplain Second Sight)
1999-2000 hunting season

4 pheasants and 2 chukkar, all flushed and retrieved by Ammo
(about a year old)
Longplain Amarillo Hunter
Joe Allegretti (of Northridge, CA) writes the following about Ammo's first hunting season:

On January 23, we hunted quail north of Antelope Acres. I was hunting with my brother, a friend, and the friend's two year old German Shorthair. We hunted a fallow field in the drizzle for about two hours, bagging 15 quail and losing only one (we found the feathers but no bird).

The pointer probably pointed 30+ quail (our shooting left a little to be desired). Most of the birds were singles and doubles. Ammo did very well, working close, flushing 5 or so birds on his own and retrieving about 10 (with a little encouragement, he even went into a tumbleweed patch up against a tree line to bring out one bird that was still alive). He even realized that when we yelled "Whoa" to the pointer, it meant action and he would run up to her (she was usually 75+ yards away, Shorthairs being what they are).

Longplain Amarillo Hunter

Ammo (9 months old) with his first pheasant
Longplain Amarillo Hunter
His marks were pretty good and he had little trouble finding the bird, delivering to hand without any chewing. All in all we're very happy with him. He did great in North Dakota, we had a couple of successful local quail hunts, and he got to retrieve a duck; not bad for his first year.

That's great, Joe! Super job for a young dog, with many more excellent seasons to come!

Ammo was trained by his owner and polished by Gary Jones of Canyon Country, CA.

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