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Black Duke -- 1944 black, brown & white markings
Two yellow littermates (recorded as "golden")
If you've read through the other midwestern
pedigrees, you'll recognise the bloodlines. If some others look familiar but you can't place them, look at the pedigree for CH Rupert Dahomy in Dorothy Howe's book (original edition) -- those Brookstone dogs trace back to the same stock. Note also Peter of Cookhill on the other side (another source of tan markings). No one should be surprised at the occasional tanpoint or brindle puppy from their descendants!

Buck of Monona***
1938 blk
Mike of Koshkonong
1937 blk 
Mick of Barrington
1933 blk
brother to
FTC Nigger of Barrington and Tim of Worsted Skeynes
Fresco Smut
1922 blk (Eng.)
Kitty of Barrington
1927 blk
Gypsy of Koshkonong
1936 blk
Yewtree Ted
1934 blk
Fern of Hi Cee
1935 blk
Gypsy of Koshkonong
1936 blk
Yewtree Ted
1934 blk
Tad of Whitmore
1930 blk (Eng.)
Jet of Glasgow
Fern of Hi Cee
1935 blk
Aucombe Blackie
First One of Hi Cee
Snooks Golden
1941 gldn
Rick's Sandy Twenty Grand
Itasca Blaze
Judy Gold
Logan Valley Kate Itasca Sandy
1929 gldn
Steinbaugh's Logan Labrador
Rick's Dixie Belle Brookstone Dan
1937 blk
Ace of Spades
Brookstone Flirt
1933 blk (Eng.)
Lady Gold
Tim of Worsted Skeynes
1930 blk
Judy Gold


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