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Longplain Gryphon In Brass++#
1978 ylw male
OFA LR-10476-G24
eyes clear 2 yrs
Match show Group 1st, lic. bench 4th in Open Dog class (to major). A very intense, high-powered retriever.

Longplain Gryphon In Brass (5 weeks)
Brass retrieving at 5 weeks old!

Longplain Chimera In Argent
1978 ylw bitch
OFA LR-10480-G24
CERF LR-687/86-95
dam of Longplain Suntar*#

Longplain Chimera In Argent
Argent at 17 months

CH-AFC Jason of the Golden Fleece II

1969 ylw
OFA LR-1793-G28
CERF LR-784/79-111

Open 1st, Group 3rd

Trebenbaum of Hillside++
1965 ylw
Buff of Orchard Valley
1961 ylw
Moose of White Tail Peak*
1958 ylw
Margaret's Red Pixie
1954 ylw
La D'Or Richmond
1961 ylw
Madrew's Simon
1958 ylw
La Noir Parker
1961 blk
Sally O'Shea++
1964 ylw
1957 blk (Can.)
CFTC Cutbank Bobolink
1950 ylw
Natalie of Avandale
1956 blk, wh mkgs (Can.)
Scarlet O'Hara
1963 ylw
Mr. Lucky III**
1961 blk
Madrew's Lilian
1957 ylw
Longplain's Tushai of Range*#

Foundation bitch
1972 ylw
OFA LR-4210-G24
eyes clear DVM 8yrs

Avalanche Yellow**
1961 ylw
Derby 1st
Satan III***
1948 ylw  
Open 1st
Duke of Coos*
1947 blk
Trevrchamp Lonnie
1946 blk
Avalanche Pop Corn
1958 ylw
Drake of Avalanche**
1950 blk
Avalanche Black Rose
1957 blk
Avalanche Jezebell
1964 blk
2 brothers w/ FT pts
FTC-AFTC Avalanche Burnt Sage
1955 blk
2x Double-header winner
Satan III***
1948 ylw  
Constant Winner of Avalanche*
1950 blk
Queen Eby of Lakenham**
1958 blk
Sis. 2 FC, 4 pt'd.
FTC-AFTC Paha Sapa Chief II
1955 blk
Eby of Bever Creek**
1956 blk


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