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Longplain Tiger Bright+

OFA LR-55989T-G40
OFA EL2546T-N40
CERF LR-7793/96-53

1992 - Yellow - "Brill"
A very large dog at 110 lbs. and remarkably athletic, with the body-control of a dancer. Steady disposition, high intelligence, excellent memory, and willing attitude. His pups generally look like their dams, but have Brill's short-coupled build and substantial head; most mature around 85 lbs. Brill produced unusually sound hips (13 pups xrayed: 8 OFA excellent, 5 OFA good. Both full sisters and two half-sisters also rated excellent.) Sired fox-red. We have 17 units of frozen semen in storage with the International Canine Semen Bank in Oregon.

Brill is the sire of the big yellow Lab in our logo (a very typical Brill son), and is an older full brother to Longplain Starboard Wine ("Croyd").

Longplain Tiger Bright

Longplain Suntar+#
1982 blk
OFA LR-17198T-G24 LR EL23T-N95
CERF LR-1092/94-145
Longplain Joshua++
1976 blk
OFA LR-14616-G84
eyes normal DVM 7yrs
Eli's A Comin'***
1970 blk
OFA LR-2749-G24
eyes clear ophth. 4 yrs
12 1/2 allage pts
Open & Amtr wins
bro. 2 FC
Flathead Valley Tar**
Tess of Flathead Valley++
Longplain Wild Plum+
1974 ylw
OFA LR-5765-G27
eyes clear DVM 27mos
1970 ylw
Longplain's Tushai of Range+#
1972 ylw
Longplain Chimera In Argent
1978 ylw
OFA LR-10480-G24
CERF LR-687/86-95
CH-AFC Jason of the Golden Fleece II
1969 ylw
OFA LR-1793-G28
CERF LR-784/79-111
Open 1st, Group 3rd
Trebenbaum of Hillside++
Sally O'Shea++
1964 ylw
Longplain's Tushai of Range+#
1972 ylw
OFA LR-4210-G24
eyes clear DVM 8yrs
foundation bitch
Avalanche Yellow**
1961 ylw
Derby 1st
Avalanche Jezebell
1964 blk
2 brothers w/ FT pts
Longplain Green Magic+
1986 blk
OFA LR-30642-E30
CERF LR-2844/96-122
FC-AFC Rascal's Double Trouble
1976 blk
OFA LR-8024-E26
eyes clear 10 yrs (ophth.)
#5 Derby
National Finalist
69 Nat'l Derby CH Ray's Rascal

1967 blk
OFA LR-609
Sire of 26 FCs
66 Can.Derby CH Carnmoney Spud***
1964 blk (Can.)
OFA LR-231
Open & Amtr wins
Miss Fiddlesticks*
1965 blk
OFA LR-2 (5yrs)
Jilly's Tiger Lil**
1965 blk
OFA LR-119
dam 5 FCs
FC-CFTC Duxbak Scooter
1958 blk (Can.)
AFC Jilly Girl
1960 blk  sister 3 FCs
Longplain Every Crazy Wind+
1983 blk
OFA LR-20228-E26
CERF LR-1088/86-33
Longplain Suntar +#
1982 blk
OFA LR-17198T-G24
CERF LR-1092/94-145
Longplain Joshua++
1976 blk
Longplain Chimera In Argent
1978 ylw
Longplain Rowdy Bunch CD++
1976 blk
OFA LR-8524-G33
CERF LR-689/87-133

Eli's A Comin'***
1970 blk
12 1/2 allage pts
Longplain Wild Plum+
1974 ylw


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