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Toyon Tawny ex Toyon Tiptoe
1942 -- recorded puppies are one black, one yellow, one brown. Bred in California.

Toyon Tawny
1941 gldn
brother to Golden Bubbles* (dam of FTC Sir Jock)
Argus Leader
1937 gldn
Albert's Argus
Warrenville Shandy
Dakota Toots
sis. Minnesota Princess Pat
Braeroy Maize
1931 ylw (Scot.)
Braeroy Tony
Braeroy Randy
ylw (Yc)
Copper Coddy
gldn (fox red)
I've seen a photo of this bitch. She was very good-looking.
Moulton's Rudy Derthick's Bing
by Itasca Blaze
Queen Victoria
(Itasca linebreeding)
Tuck of Brookings Nig of Brookings
Minnesota Princess Pat
gldn -- gr.dam of
FTC Sand Gold Terry
Toyon Tiptoe
1941 blk
(4 blacks recorded in this litter)
Anselmo Sandy
1939 gldn
Argus Leader
1937 gldn
Albert's Argus
Braeroy Maize
1931 ylw (Scot.)
Maggie of Brookings
(sis. Tuck, above)
Nig of Brookings
Minnesota Princess Pat
Okanagan Tansy
1936 blk (Can.)
Okanagan Rusty Beaver of Bryn
brother to Faro
Okanagan Gyp
Gay's Vesta
blk (Eng.)
sis. Gay's Vera
FTCH Beningbrough Tanco
FTCH Vidi of Adderly


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