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Sappers Deschutes Kim 1943 -- brown

Prairie Creek Dan
Duke of Windsor Jairie E Jerry
1927 blk
(FDSB; Faro grandson
Jet of Faro
(Faro daughter)
Blooming Nite Duke of Qu'Appelle
(Harwood breeding)
Midnight Queen
(Jerry daughter)
Violet May Okoboji Argus Leader
1937 gldn
Albert's Argus
gldn (FDSB)
Braeroy Maize
1931 ylw (Scot.)
Queen of Okoboji Tim of Worsted Skeynes*
1930 blk
Lady Ripley
Helen of River Road
1940 blk
Tanco of Bryn
1934 blk (Can.)
Falstaff Taylor's Tory
by Banchory Jock
(sire of Faro)
Okanagan Juno
1933 blk
Ingleston Nith
blk (Eng.)
Gay's Vesta
blk (Eng.)
Colmoor Sally
1934 blk (Can.)
Taylor's Tory Can.CH Wolferton Sapper
1921 blk (Eng.)
Withington lines
Can.CH Munden Simla
(Eng.) sis. Banchory Minority
Sunnyside Flirt Don of Riverdale
by Can.CH Wolferton Sapper
Holywell Bess


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