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Ann's Two for Tee 1947 -- brown bitch
Five black littermates recorded, including
Coffee of Bohland Hill*** 1947 -- blk bitch
appears behind some modern field trial lines, mainly by way of FC My Rebel.

Duke of Shed
1945 blk
42,43,46 NFC-Dual CH Shed of Arden
1939 blk
contrary to the impression one might get from this pedigree, per all the Stud Book evidence Shed was pure for black.
CH Raffles of Earlsmoor***
1931 blk (Scot.)
Thatch of Whitmore
Task of Whitmore
FTC Decoy of Arden
1933 blk
Odds On***
1928 blk (Eng.)
Peggy of Shipton
blk (By) (Eng.)
Mickey Bilestina
1941 blk (Bc)
note the ancestry back to Borrisdemain, via Woldgate Wonder.

Woldgate Wonder
1937 blk (Eng.)
Poppleton Nigger
Belhirst Betty
Bet of Glenmere
1935 blk
sister to Dual CH Michael of Glenmere
Ace of Whitmore
Vixen of Glenmere
1933 blk
Westhaven Sprig of Trab
1945 blk
CFTC Nelson's Black Prince
1944 blk
42,43,46 NFC-Dual CH Shed of Arden
1939 blk
CH Raffles of Earlsmoor***
1931 blk (Scot.)
FTC Decoy of Arden
1933 blk
Black Pepper of Mac Mar
1943 blk
Note bitch line back to Itasca and similar stock -- a possible source of chocolate on this side.
Black Jack of Barrington***
1941 blk
Blackhawk Queen Susan
1941 blk
dam of Smudge of 
Prairie Creek Farm***
Westhaven Susie Grouse Okanagan Tag
Bannerman Dinah
Victor Princess Elizabeth II Prince Alexander of Dawn
Victor Princess Elizabeth


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