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U-CH Longplain Crispin Magus
1999-2010 - black male - "Crispin"
CERF LR-38955/03-55
Handsome dog with extraordinary free-flowing movement and a loving personality. Crispin sired good movement and wonderful dispositions.

Longplain Crispin Magus

Longplain Crispin Magus
Crispin is the sire of ten UKC Show Champions:
GRCH Windy, Watch, Polaris, Atlas, Electra, Gemma, Lavinia, Olivia, Valeria
and Reserve Best In Show winner GRCH Sirius

Crispin finished his UKC show Championship in four shows, undefeated for Best Male/Best of Breed, with a Group 2nd over titled competition.

Pictured at age 6 (above) and age 9 (left).

U-CH Longplain Saltus+
1999-2010 - black male - "Bouncy"
OFA LR-114599-G25
CERF LR-43758/04-68

Longplain Saltus

Bouncy is the sire of Longplain Sequitor SH
(now running Master Hunter tests), and
UKC Champions Stagger, Jag, Equus, and Viper.

Longplain Saltus
(pictured at 8 years old) finished his UKC Championship in 5 shows, including a Best Male and two Bests of Breed over show-bred competition. He has obedience scores as high as 196, and has been trained for field and agility work. He loves birds and water, and can open any door that doesn't lock with a key!

U-CH Longplain Avis
1999-2010 - black bitch
CERF LR-43752/04-68

Longplain Avis

Avis finished her UKC Championship in four shows, with two Best of Breed wins. Avis first set foot in the show ring at just under 9 years old!

CH Longplain Avis

U-CH Longplain Avis

Longplain Z-Sting++
1993 ylw
hips prelim good
CERF LR-38962/03-126

exceptional personality,
wonderful attitude

Spent two years in Montana as a goose hunter's gundog.

Longplain Suntar+#
1982 blk
OFA LR-17198T-G24
CERF LR-1092/94-145

A near-perfect classical
Labrador in every respect:
sound conformation,
correct type, superior working talent, stable temperament.

Our primary stud for 10 years. The best sire I've ever found.
Longplain Joshua++
1976 blk
OFA LR-14616-G84
eyes normal DVM 7yrs
Eli's A Comin'***
1970 blk
Longplain Wild Plum+
1974 ylw
Longplain Chimera In Argent
1978 ylw
OFA LR-10480-G26
CERF LR-687/86-95
CH-AFC Jason of the Golden Fleece II
1969 ylw
Longplain's Tushai of Range+#
1972 ylw
Longplain Sidewinder+
1986 blk (Byc)
CERF LR-3386/96-122

Beautiful classic show quality bitch; gentle and very good-natured

Longplain Suntar+#
1982 blk
OFA LR-17198T-G24
CERF LR-1092/94-145
Longplain Joshua++
1976 blk
Longplain Chimera In Argent
1978 ylw
Longplain Radar Sweep+#
1977 blk
OFA LR-9279-G27
CERF LR-690/86-106
Sauk Trail Sundae++
1970 ylw
Choc Kel++
1975 chlt
Longplain Ilara+
1992 blk
OFA LR-55935T-G24
CERF LR-7749/96-53

Good-looking, bright,
happy disposition

5 littermates went to the Guide Dogs.
Dam of a working Guide Dog. 

Longplain Stormwrack+
1991 blk (Byc)
OFA LR-50831T-G24
CERF LR-5378/93-25

Show quality conformation,
high-powered retriever

Texas Ranger Sage++
1989 fox red
OFA LR-38488-G24
CERF LR-4112/96-91
FC Mueller's Stormy Canada
1980 chlt
Longplain Zipgun++
1986 ylw
Longplain Glory Dust+
1984 blk
OFA LR-21573-G24
CERF LR-1147/96-149

Open-trained; dam of a drug-detection dog
FC-AFC Dusty's Dingo Duke
1973 blk
Longplain Moonrust+
1982 ylw
full sister to
Longplain Suntar
Longplain Favonia+
1988 blk
OFA LR-34696T-G24
CERF LR-3399/96-103

Our best producing bitch;
we kept 7 of her daughters!
Longplain Suntar+#
1982 blk
OFA LR-17198T-G24 LR-EL23T-N95
CERF LR-1092/94-145
Longplain Joshua++
1976 blk
Longplain Chimera In Argent
1978 ylw
Longplain Andromache+
1982 blk
OFA LR-17150-G24 LR-EL63T-N99
CERF LR-1089/92-119
Longplain Hyperion
1976 ylw
Longplain Fire and Ice+
1980 blk


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