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FC-AFC Dusty's Dingo Duke
1973 blk
OFA LR-6085-G35
Eyes clear 10 yrs (DVM)
'75 #10 Derby (30 pts); two lic. Qualifying wins before 18 mos, 101 allage points, sired 2 FC. Trained by Max Darling, and handled exclusively by Max and by owner Glenn Scheihing. Not only a very steady and consistent worker, but also a show quality dog with near-perfect conformation and beautiful free movement, who could have easily become a Dual CH. Unlike the typical high-strung Super Chief dog, Dingo had a calm, pleasant house-dog temperament.

The combination of Dairy Hill lines with Super Chief was notable for producing top derby dogs and Field CHs that finished at a very young age.

FC-AFC Dusty's Dingo Duke

Our litter by Dingo ex Longplain Moonrust (sister to Longplain Suntar) produced our Longplain Glory Dust (the last dog we ran in field trials), and Longplain Diamond R Ike (in 4 lic. bench shows before 14 mos, had a Reserve Win and a Best of Breed over CHs).
[Dingo looked much better in person. This poor photo was scanned in two pieces and stitched back together!]

FC-AFC Dusty's Doctari
1966 blk
182½ allage pts
FC-AFTC Joy's Coal Dust
1957 blk
Ace of Balboa***
1953 blk
Pan of Podington
1947 ylw (Eng.)
Queen of Balboa
1952 blk
Smokey Flame
1955 blk
sister to FTC-AFTC Dairy Hill's Night Cap, FC-AFTC Dairy Hill's Mike (totaled 387½ pts)
FTC-AFTC Slo-Poke Smokey of Dairy Hill
1947 blk
Dairy Hill's Flame's Fury
1953 blk
Half-sister to NAFC Queenie of Redding
Miss Tehama Tar
1963 blk
dam 3 FC
Silver Duke
1959 blk
Jet Black Bo
1953 blk
Blackie Tricky
1958 blk
Miss Conception
1962 blk
Hyatt's Kynowocky
1957 blk
Squaw Hill Lady
Big Oaks Super Kate
1971 blk
OFA LR-4993-E52

sister to Super Powder*** (sire of 2 Derby CHs, 2 NFCs, many other FCs)

68 NFC-67,68 NAFC Super Chief
1962 blk
354½ pts; bro.4 FC;
sire 6 CH, 32 FC, 2 Dual CH
FTC-AFTC Paha Sapa Chief II
1955 blk
FTC Freehaven Muscles
1947 blk
Treasure State Bewise***
1951 blk
Ironwood Cherokee Chica
1959 blk
Dual CH Cherokee Buck
1947 blk
Glen-Water Fantom
1957 blk
FC Martens' Black Powder Kate
1965 blk
OFA LR-963
FC Martens' Mr. Nifty
1959 blk
Royal of Garfield***
1957 blk
Martens' Black Badger
1956 blk
Dick's Black Scamp
1960 blk
Yankee Bob
1957 blk
Glen-Water Fanfare
1957 blk


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