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Eli's A Comin' ***
1970 -- black OFA-LR2749-G24
eyes clear 4 yrs (ophth.)
11 Derby pts, 12.5 allage pts.; retired just under 5 yrs lacking win for FC-AFC
FC Ju Ju Jives
1970 -- black
FC-AFC Kalispa's Ee-Kwie
1970 -- black

All three were large, good-looking, big-chested dogs; excellent markers with go-power. This pedigree is strongly based on lines from FTC Timber Town Clansman and Dual CH Treveilyr Swift. The combination of AFC Black Mike of Lakewood and FC Tar Dessa Venture has directly produced at least 8 Field CHs!! Another closely related dog of similar type was CH Elyod's Lucky Linus.

Longplain Rowdy Bunch, CD

This is Longplain Rowdy Bunch CD (by Eli's A Comin' ex Longplain Wild Plum) showing off her water entry at just 5 months old! Her brother sired our longtime premiere stud, Longplain Suntar.

Our 1976 litter by Eli ex Plum (a Salmon/Tushai daughter, herself a wonderful marker and water dog) consisted of 5 black males, 2 black females. They were big, strong, solid pups, 100% sound (AFC Black Mike of Lakewood was a remarkable influence for excellent hips), and spectacular workers -- six were retrieving from ice water at 5½ weeks old! One had already brought in 40 ducks and 20 geese by 5½ months!

Flathead Valley Tar**
OFA certified

sister produced
FC-AFC Rumba Dancer
(sired by NAFC Ray's Rascal)
FC Tar Dessa Venture
1963 blk
#8 Derby; 2x Nat'l Finalist
brother to
FC-AFC Dessa's Little Tar Baby, FC-AFC Dessa's Black Angel, FC Swing Tarzan Swing; 3 more with allage points!

63,65 CNFC-FTC-AFTC Tar Baby's Little Sweet Stuff
1957 blk (Bc)
sire of FC Gun Thunder Oly (chlt)
FTC-AFTC Tar Baby of Holly Hill
1948 blk
Debbie of Holly Hill
1955 blk
by CNFC Rip of Holly Hill
FC-AFC Dessa Rae, CD
1960 blk
Odessa's King
1957 blk
sire 3 FC
1957 blk
West Island Hortense
1962 blk
dam of FC Cascade Charade
FTC Roy's Rowdy
1955 blk
sire 3 FC, 3 CH, 1 Dual CH
bro. FTC Crowder
55 NFC-AFTC-CFTC Cork of Oakwood Lane
1950 blk
Beautywood's Creole Jane
1951 blk
West Island Salome
1958 blk
West Island Padre's Salute
1956 blk
West Island Travel
1950 blk sister 3 FC
Tess of Flathead Valley++
OFA certified

Her pedigree is almost identical to the dam of NAFC Ray's Rascal (see FC-AFC Rascal's Double Trouble).

AFC Black Mike of Lakewood
1958 blk
sired 4 FC (totaled 547
½ pts) including FC Anzac of Zenith, one of the greatest sires of all time
Vicky's Duffy Boy
1949 blk
CH King of Detroy
1944 blk
Bow Lake Sassy
1947 blk
Thornwood Bracken Sweet
1952 blk
47 NFC-Am./Can.Dual CH Bracken's Sweep
1943 blk
Nilo Judy
1950 blk
Orion's Aces 'N' Spades
1958 blk
dam of CH Orion's Mr. Lucky
51 CNFC-FTC-AFTC Ardyn's Ace of Merwalfin
1948 blk
42,43,46 NFC-Dual CH Shed of Arden
1939 blk
Cindy of Merwalfin
1944 blk
Timewaster's Ripple**
1954 blk
lic. Qual. win; dam of CH Timewaster's Black Lady**
50 CNFC-FTC Rip of Holly Hill
1946 blk
CH Snikeb's Cookie
1949 blk
Best In Show winner


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