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FTC Honey Chile Trixie 1944 -- gldn
First yellow Field CH bitch
(finished 6-47)  10.5 Open points.
See also Kingdale's Belle for some related breeding.

Rusty of Navarre
Kenilworth Buckshot Kenilworth Jim Albert's Argus
Lady of Summit
Ailie of Kenilworth Greysolon Champ
Patsy's Cando Libby
Lochlomond Bonnie
Smithy Corky
(by Jerry)
Princess Sedean
Lochlomond Lassie Spot
Patsy's Cando Libby
Northshore Trixie

Sun of Tarvie Black Diamond Tim of Worsted Skeynes
1930 blk
Lady Gold
by Itasca Blaze
Tarvie Lou Cold Spring Jack
by Itasca Blaze
Tar Baby
Northshore Midge
Nidgie of Minnetonka Tim of Worsted Skeynes
1930 blk
Midnight Mammy
Northcliffe Sandy Jerry
Peggy G.


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