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Kingdale's Belle

1942 -- black (2 yellow littermates)

The pedigree in general circulation and commonly published in breed reference books for this bitch (the granddam of NFC Cork of Oakwood Lane) is wrong, as is readily discovered merely by tracing it in the AKC Stud Books. This is her correct pedigree.

Tar of York
1940 blk
Trader Horn
(FDSB reg'd)
yellow littermate
Sun of Tarvie Black Diamond
Tarvie Lou
Jerg's Patsy Sandy Lab
gldn (by Itasca Sandy)
Mitzie of Norwood
Bancstone Dinah
1939 blk
granddam of NFC Massie's Sassy Boots
CH Banchory Trump of Wingan
1931 blk (Eng.)
sired 23 litters; pure for black
Blenheim Scamp
Lady Daphne
1936 blk
FTC Banchory Varnish of Wingan
1933 blk (Eng.)
Cheverell's Dina
1934 blk (Eng.)
Jet of Runymeade
1939 blk
(FDSB reg'd)
King W. Fresfaro Dick
1932 blk
Tim of Worsted Skeynes
1930 blk
bro. FTC Nigger of Barrington
Gypsy Queen
1931 blk
Judy Gold
Itasca Sandy
1929 gldn
Inchcape Belle
Queen Kole Jerry
sire of Gypsy Queen, above
Princess Pat
Peggy G. Dick of Luard
gldn (Eng.)
Warrenville Dinah

For comparison, this is the erroneous pedigree printed in Warwick and other reference books:

Kingdale's Belle -- not quite!!
whoops! for this pedigree to be correct,
she'd have to be born before her grandsire!!
Tar of York FTC-AFTC The Spider of Kingswere
Queen Kole
Jet of Runymeade
(spelling varies)
Trader Horn
Bancstone Dinah

Why do we care? Because in their day, her (real) ancestry came from important working bloodlines, particularly for early yellows in the northern Great Plains. Most pre-1935 yellows in America were registered with the Field Dog Stud Book (in those days the most prominent bird dog registry) and consequently fell out of historical notice as Retriever registrations migrated toward the American Kennel Club, and as breeding patterns shifted toward using titled dogs in preference to mere gundogs.


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