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FC Keno Ten Spot

1977 -- yellow
OFA LR-9652-G24
CERF LR-1926/87-113

We bred Longplain Moonrust ("Rissa", sister of Longplain Suntar) to Keno as another source of the outstanding combination of AFC Black Mike of Lakewood with FC Tar Dessa Venture, similar to Eli's A Comin' who sired such a good litter for us in 1976.

FC Keno Ten Spot
(at two years old)

Longplain Fifth Ace (Keno ex Rissa)
Longplain Fifth Ace
(Keno/Rissa pup)

Longplain Zipgun, 8 weeks
Longplain Zipgun (Keno/Rissa, 8 weeks)
retrieving from water. Zipgun was an outstanding gundog and the dam of Texas Ranger Sage.

Longplain Hazel Gertrude
Longplain Hazel Gertrude
(Keno/Rissa pup, 3 yrs old)
Gertie is the dam of the big yellow dog in our logo.

Keno/Rissa pups at 23 days old
Longplain Hazel Gertrude (Keno/Rissa)
at 23 days old, carrying a goose feather

Trieven Fool***
1973 ylw
OFA LR-4767-N24
ACVO eyes clear
11 allage pts (Open 1st)
sire 3 FC

brother to:
FC-AFC Trieven's Canvasback Zip Zac
FC-AFC Sandhill's Happy Hooker
AFC Trieven Jumping Jenny

Of 11 pups in this litter, 9 have lic. fieldtrial placements; 8 have OFA numbers

68 NFC-67,68 NAFC Super Chief
1962 blk
354½ pts; bro.4 FC;
sire 6 CH, 32 FC, 2 Dual CH
FTC-AFTC Paha Sapa Chief II
1955 blk
FTC Freehaven Muscles
1947 blk
Treasure State Bewise***
1951 blk
Ironwood Cherokee Chica
1959 blk
Dual CH Cherokee Buck
1947 blk
Glen-Water Fantom
1957 blk
FC-AFC Ern-Bar's Twinkle Boots
1967 blk
OFA LR-2944
eyes clear
107 allage pts
sister 4 FC
From 4 litters, 80% of the Zac/Twink pups have fieldtrial points!
FC Anzac of Zenith
1969 blk
xray clear
bro. 2 FC
sire 13 FC, 2 CH w/allage points
AFC Black Mike of Lakewood
1958 blk
Jezebel of Normandy
1961 blk
Happy's Twinkle***
OFA LR-1396
same lines as the sire of
FC-AFC Dusty's Dingo Duke
Night Cap Again
1958 blk
Miss Behavior
1961 blk
R Dandy Happy Peg
OFA LR-6666-N27
FC-AFC Carr-Lab Venture
1969 blk (Byc)
OFA LR-1841
ACVO eyes clear 5 yrs
Wandarin Heights Venture***
1965 blk
FC Tar Dessa Venture
1963 blk
Wandarin Heights Williwaw
1960 blk
Carr-Lab Topaz
1965 ylw
xray clear
two sisters w/ Derby pts
FC-CFTC Del-Tone Buck
1961 blk (Byc)
sire 12 FC, 4 CH
Miss Chief Cherokee
1962 blk
sister to Super Chief
AFC Spring Farms Cup of Wild Honey
1972 ylw
OFA LR-4200-N24
sister to 4 FC
Spring Farms Lucky***
1966 blk
OFA LR-259
bro. to Super Chief
sire 17 FC, 1 CNFC
FTC-AFTC Paha Sapa Chief II
1955 blk
Ironwood Cherokee Chica
1959 blk
Miss Zulu of Upland Farm
1965 blk
OFA LR-1822
FC-AFC Sir Mike of Orchardview
1959 ylw (Yc)
highpoint yellow of his era; related to Salmon
Belle of Upland Farm
1961 blk
sister to Anzac's dam


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