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Dual CH Little Miss Timber
1950 -- black bitch (17 points)
FTC Cindie of Salomenson  
1950 -- black bitch (58 points)
Sunny of Southview
1952 -- yellow male

Southview's Black Boy
1944 blk
a trainer who had worked with this dog told me he was one of the best he'd ever seen.
Kingdale's Bob Boy
1941 blk
FTC Timber Town Clansman
1936 blk
The principle foundation sire behind one of the three major field bloodline groups in America. To this day, lines based on this dog have unusual brains and soundness.
Pons Junior of Wingan
1934 blk
Black and Blue Rain
1933 blk
(3 older sibs w/ white mkgs)
CH Bancstone Judy of Kingdale
1938 blk
sister to:
CH Smokey Scamp
CH Black Buccaneer
CH Peter Piper
CH Skyrocket (bitch)
Cram's Lonnie (dam of FTC Gabriel of Cram)
Huron's Lady
   (dam of Dual CH Grangemead Precocious)
CH Banchory Trump of Wingan
1931 blk (Eng.)
CH Bancstone Lorna of Wingan
1933 blk
Southview's Gypsy
1942 blk
compare to Kingdale's Belle
Blondie Bomber
1937 ylw
Black Diamond
Tarvie Lou
Peggy of Pheasant Lawn
1939 blk
see also behind
Dual CH Dela-Winn's Tar of Craignook
CH Banchory Trump of Wingan
1931 blk (Eng.)
1936 blk
Goldie of Linnell
Blackbeard Skipper
1941 blk
Skipper Drake Tim of Worsted Skeynes*
1930 blk
Midnight Mammy
Argus Leader's Henrietta Argus Leader
1937 gldn
Nip of Madison
Ardoff's Golden Lady Rusty of Navarre
sire of FTC Honey Chile Trixie
Kenilworth Buckshot
Lochlomond Bonnie
Bloomquist's Golden Queen Berry's Sandy
Gluek Farm Rusty


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