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Longplain Corax
2013 black female -- "Raver"

Raver is our 14th generation. She is a brilliantly intuitive dog and a joy to work with.

Longplain Russet
2013 yellow male

"Russet" is owned and trained by David and Diane Herrand, who also owned his ancestor Texas Ranger Sage.


U-CH Longplain Olim
2010 blk
U-CH Longplain Some Other Time
2007 yellow
GRCH Longplain Vortex
2003 blk
xray clear 4 yrs
ACVO eyes clear 3yrs
U-CH Longplain Crispin Magus
1999 blk
Longplain Kanake
1993 blk
Longplain Golden Bubbles
2001 ylw
CERF LR-43754/04-38
U-CH Longplain Pegasus
1998 blk "Nick"
Longplain Smoke Ball
2000 blk
U-CH Longplain Corvus
2004 blk "Raven"
CERF LR-48427N/06-29
U-CH Longplain Pegasus
1998 blk "Nick"
OFA LR-150551-E84
CERF LR-38959/03-67
Longplain Z-Sting++
1993 ylw
Longplain Alecto+
1993 blk
Longplain Kanake
1993 blk -- "Click"
OFA LR-67328T-G24
CERF LR-15494/04-125
Suffolk Barney At Sandbar WC JH
1986 ylw (Eng.)
Longplain Favonia+
1988 blk
Longplain Aenigma
2007 ylw
U-CH Longplain Nimrod
2004 ylw
ACVO eyes clr 2yrs
Longplain Double Hutch
1994 ylw
OFA LR-73206G-30
CERF LR-44182/05-143
Suffolk Barney At Sandbar WC JH
1986 ylw (Eng.)
Longplain See No Evil
1990 ylw
Longplain Sunstorm
2000 fox red
CERF LR-38961/04-46
Longplain Z-Sting++
1993 ylw
Longplain Stormlight+
1991 fox red
U-CH Longplain Devecta
2001 ylw "Devon"
CERF LR-38956/04-28

dam of  UKC Best In Show
GRCH Longplain Tessera

Longplain Z-Sting++
1993 ylw
hips prelim good
CERF LR-38962/03-126
Longplain Suntar+#
1982 blk
Longplain Sidewinder+
1986 blk (Byc)
Longplain Sinapi
1998 ylw
Longplain Sunfire
1994 fox red
Longplain Caraid
1993 blk


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