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Longplain Suntar +#

OFA LR-17198T-G24/EL23T-N95
CERF LR-1092/94-145
1982-1994 - black - "Tar"

A near-perfect classical Labrador in every respect, physically and mentally. Ideal type, movement, and working talent, most notably drive and marking, with a wonderful atttitude. Match show Group 3rd at 10 months, over major-pointed dogs.

Suntar was the best sire for overall quality I've ever found, and one of the most genetically-clean dogs I've ever seen. He was our primary stud for 10 years, siring 34 litters (220 pups), and remains the major influence behind our current stock. We have 24 units of frozen semen in storage with the International Canine Semen Bank in Oregon.

Longplain Suntar

Longplain Suntar

Longplain Suntar

Suntar pups have Derby points and Qualifying placements. Suntar is the grandsire of Captain Johny Fry MH (Master Hunter with 6 straight passes; owner/amateur trained and handled).

Longplain Moonrust+
1982-1993 ylw -- "Rissa"
CERF LR-1090/92-120

Rissa was one of our best producing bitches.

Longplain Moonrust

Longplain Moonrust

Longplain Joshua++
1976 blk
OFA LR-14616-G84
eyes normal DVM 7yrs
Eli's A Comin'***
1970 blk
OFA LR-2749-G24
eyes clear ophth. 4 yrs
12 1/2 allage pts
Open & Amtr wins
bro.2 FC

Flathead Valley Tar**
FC Tar Dessa Venture
1963 blk  bro. 4 FC
West Island Hortense
1962 blk
Tess of Flathead Valley++
AFC Black Mike of Lakewood
1958 blk  sire 4 FC
Orion's Aces 'N' Spades
1958 blk dam of 1 CH
Longplain Wild Plum+
1974 ylw
OFA LR-5765-G27
eyes clear DVM 27mos
1970 ylw
xray normal DVM 3yrs
CH Sergeant Mike of Gervais WC
1967 ylw
Reilly's Miss Peaches++
1967 ylw
Longplain's Tushai of Range+#
1972 ylw
Avalanche Yellow**
1961 ylw  Derby 1st
Avalanche Jezebell
1964 blk
Longplain Chimera In Argent
1978 ylw
OFA LR-10480-G24
CERF LR-687/86-95
CH-AFC Jason of the Golden Fleece II
1969 ylw
OFA LR-1793-G28
CERF LR-784/79-119
Open 1st, Group 3rd
Trebenbaum of Hillside++
Buff of Orchard Valley
1961 ylw
La D'Or Richmond
1961 ylw
Sally O'Shea++
1964 ylw
1957 blk (Can.)
Scarlet O'Hara
1963 ylw
Longplain's Tushai of Range+#
1972 ylw
OFA LR-4210-G24
eyes clear DVM 8yrs
foundation bitch
Avalanche Yellow**
1961 ylw
Derby 1st
Satan III***
1948 ylw  Open 1st
Avalanche Pop Corn
1958 ylw
Avalanche Jezebell
1964 blk
2 brothers w/ FT pts
FTC-AFTC Avalanche Burnt Sage
1955 blk
2x Double-header winner
Queen Eby of Lakenham**
1958 blk
Sis. 2 FC, 4 pt'd.


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