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FC-AFC Rascal's Double Trouble
1976 blk OFA LR-8024-E26  Eyes clear 10 yrs (ophth.)
'78 #4 Derby (43 pts); 126 allage pts in limited running; 2x National Finalist

littermate to FC-AFC Blue Water Brigadier

The combination of NAFC Ray's Rascal with FTC-AFTC Paha Sapa Chief II has produced at least 26 FC, 1 NFC, and 2 Derby CHs. As with all AFC Black Mike of Lakewood descendants, Rascal and Trouble sired unusally good hips, with a very high percentage rating excellent.

Trouble was from Rascal's last litter, and very much in his sire's image. The last puppy Trouble sired was Longplain Green Magic (right) -- probably the most intelligent dog I've ever seen. She was the dam of our stud Longplain Tiger Bright. The trait of sitting up like in this picture inherits through NAFC Ray's Rascal all the way from NFC Massie's Sassy Boots!

69 Derby CH
Ray's Rascal

1967 blk
OFA LR-609-N24
64 Derby points
354½ allage points
5 Double Header wins
sired 24 FC, 1 NFC, 1 Derby CH
66 Can.Derby CH Carnmoney Spud***
1964 blk (Can.)
OFA LR-231
12 allage pts (Open & Amtr wins); sire 4 FC
CFTC Bandit of Carnmoney
1959 blk
CFTC Chuck of Bracken
1950 blk
Stonegate's Black Cindy
blk (Bc)
Carnmoney Boots
sister to FC-AFC Rosehill's Little Dutch Boots
FTC Nodak Boots
1957 blk
(by  NFC Massie's Sassy Boots
FC-AFC-CFTC The Duchess of Rose Hill
1958 blk
Miss Fiddlesticks*
1965 blk
OFA LR-2 (5 yrs)
sister to FC Michelle
AFC Black Mike of Lakewood
1958 blk
grandsire of
Eli's A Comin'
Vicky's Duffy Boy
1949 blk
Thornwood Bracken Sweet
1952 blk
Kemper's Sassy Sue
1956 blk
sister to '60 Derby CH-FTC Jet of Zenith
56 NFC Massie's Sassy Boots
1948 blk
Thornwood Rhea
1952 blk
Jilly's Tiger Lil**
1965 blk
OFA LR-119
dam 5 FC
FC-CFTC Duxbak Scooter
1958 blk (Can.)
sire 1 Derby CH, 2 FC;
bro. CH Duxbak Trixie
CFTC Baker's Jerry
1951 blk
CFTC Prince of Lowestoft
1945 blk
Khandahar Kitt
Carnmoney Moira
CFTC Brant of Bardona
1952 blk
Eng.Am.Can.CH Sandylands Jilly
1951 blk (Eng.)
AFC Jilly Girl
1960 blk
hips approved U of MN
sister 1 NFC, 2 FC
FTC-AFTC Paha Sapa Chief II
1955 blk
FTC Freehaven Muscles
1947 blk
Treasure State Bewise***
1951 blk
AFTC Penny Girl
1956 blk (Bc)
hips approved U of MN radiology report #5G1892
55 NFC-AFTC-CFTC Cork of Oakwood Lane
1951 blk
Min-A-Jet of Reo Raj
1953 blk


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