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Texas Ranger Sage++

1989 fox red (Yc)
OFA LR-38488-G24
CERF LR-4112/96-91

We sold Sage's dam Zipgun as a started  pup (she was an outstanding water retriever and very good-looking). When her owners wanted to breed her, we set up the mating to Canuck (these were among his last pups). Sage, a fine owner-trained gundog used extensively on desert quail, sired several good litters for us.

Texas Ranger Sage

FC Mueller's Stormy Canada
1980 chlt
OFA LR-14631-E33
CERF LR-1370/85-65
FC-CFC Ginger's Choc August
1973 chlt (Can.)
OFA LR-6893
Jem's Chocolate Soldier**
CFTC Crevamoy Iron Duke
1964 blk
Aunt Jemima
OFA LR-4202-N25
Lord Choc of Sea Island
Peter-Jay's Jezabel
Coburn's Lady Chimo++
OFA LR-9566-N25
Coburn's St. Bruno CFTC Brant of Blenheim
1965 blk
Markev's Bullet
Coburn's Coal Black Kate FC Ginger's Choc August
1973 chlt (Can.)
Lomac's Lady Jinks
Longplain Zipgun++
1986 ylw
OFA LR-28858-G27
ACVO eyes clear

See her photo on Keno's page

FC Keno Ten Spot
1977 ylw
OFA LR-9652-G24
CERF LR-1926/87-113
Trieven Fool***
1973 ylw
OFA LR-4767
ACVO eyes clear
68 NFC-67,68 NAFC Super Chief
1962 blk
FC-AFC Ern-Bar's Twinkle Boots
1967 blk
R Dandy Happy Peg
OFA LR-6666-N27
FC-AFC Carr-Lab Venture
1969 blk (Byc)
AFC Spring Farms Cup of Wild Honey
1972 ylw
Longplain Moonrust+
1982 ylw
CERF LR-1090/92-120
full sister to
Longplain Suntar
Longplain Joshua++
1976 blk
OFA LR-14616-G84
eyes normal DVM 7yrs
Eli's A Comin'***
1970 blk
Longplain Wild Plum+
1974 ylw
Longplain Chimera In Argent
1978 ylw
OFA LR-10480-G24
CERF LR-687/86-95
CH-AFC Jason of the Golden Fleece II
1969 ylw
Longplain's Tushai of Range+#
1972 ylw


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