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Longplain Sinapi, a daughter
        of Longplain Sunfire

"Longplain pups are utterly adorable, irresistible and make wonderful companions."
That's my former webmaster talking, but a little bias is understandable -- Brett owns four of my pups!

Great personal hunting dogs - we've got them and they're ready to go home with you.

Litters Currently Available

Black males and females
ready Winter 2022

sired by Spy

Black and yellow males born July 2022
sire: Spy
dam: Raver

These puppies are the 15th generation of our own line.

We retained them as stud prospects but now it's time for some to go to new homes.

Yellows by Arcus ex Opal

born November 2021

one female available
(center front)

one male available
(front right)

more info below under "Older Puppies"

Sting x
                            Mustard pups
Sting puppies at 6 weeks
(from a 2002 litter out of a Flame daughter)

Some pictures of individual puppies.

Skid (yellow) and Lukas (black)

dam and sire of Opal and Spy

Older Pups/Young Adults

"Nerus" -- yellow male born Nov.2021

Asmaller boy at about 65 pounds, very good looking and athletic. He loves to sit quietly with you or play fetch (retrieves to hand). He comes when called, heels off leash, knows sit, wait, okay, go run, go pee, is learning down, and is crate-trained and barn-broke (does not mess in the barn, tho he has never been in the house), and is quiet in the kennel. He is best as an only dog.

"Toy" -- yellow female born Nov.2021

A small girl at about 40 pounds. Very cute, cuddly, and full of fun. She comes when called, knows sit, wait, go run, and walks on a leash. She is crate-trained and barn-broke. She gets along with everyone.

Puppy Videos

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Some general information about my dogs:

I breed an older style of Labrador, based on the best of the foundation lines of the breed. My dogs are of real working Labrador type, of a moderate and athletic build (neither the too-chunky, too-squatty "Rottweiler-gone-wrong" look of the modern show dogs, nor the coyote or Greyhound look of so many modern field dogs). They're typically medium-active dogs -- not hyper, but with enough energy to want to go places and do things with their owner, excellent for the hunter who trains his own dog. Bred very strongly for desire to please, people orientation, brains, good attitude, stable temperament, and physical soundness. We have not had any cases of epilepsy, neuromuscular myopathy, or exercise-induced collapse.

Longplain Zabka
making friends with a visitor
Puppy (sired by Nick) with his happy new owner
Happy new
                            puppy owner!
I've been in dogs for 5 decades and have had 15 generations of my own line to date. I trained professionally for 15 years and have no patience with stupid or hardheaded dogs! A pleasant, tolerant disposition is paramount, as if you can't live with the dog and trust it with your kids, the dog isn't good for anything!!
If you have any questions or need more information, feel free to contact me.

We are located near Billings, Montana.

Longplain Z-Sting

Longplain Starboard Wine ("Croyd") at 10 weeks
Younger full sister to Longplain Tiger Bright
Dam of Longplain Stars In My Pocket JH

Croyd at 10 weeks

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Ky Moffet

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